Story About Lake Toba

Fairy stories and folklore about the legend of the source of Story About Lake Toba appears to be an intriguing story to talk about. Since, essentially, the history of the creation of Lake Toba is very unique. Therefore, not for the marginally offensive For Lake Toba procedure for formation of the Folklore or so called Legend. A young man who’s poor orphan. He lived alone in the northern part of Sumatra Island is very dry. He lived on agriculture and fishing. One afternoon, he fished and find an odd catch fish. The fish was big and very beautiful.

The colour is golden. Then he took off his line and holding the fish. However, when it was touched by the hand, the fish was turned into a gorgeous princess. It turns out he’s a fish that’s being condemned the gods for having violated a ban. Has been destined, when he touched his hands, he’ll transform into a creature as what touched. Since he was touched by humans, in addition, it turns into a human. The young man then woo the girl of the fish. The fish was the girl nodded willing to sign.

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However, I’ve one request, Kakanda. He explained. I am willing to be the wife Kakanda, provided Kakanda wants to keep secret I come from fish.” . All right, Adina. I will keep it a secret. Said the young man. Finally they married and were blessed by a baby boy humorous. But when rising up, the Son is obviously hungry. Even though already a lot of eating food which goes kemulutnya, he never really feel complete. One afternoon, because it is so hungry, he ate all of the food on the table, such as food rations both parents. Coming home from the field, his father is hungry to find an empty table there was no food, mad heart.

Since hungry and couldn’t control myself, come out rude words. Basic offspring of fish!” . He didn’t understand, in his words, it usually means he’s opened his secret. Immediately the boy tearfully went to see her mother and asked if it was true he was the offspring of fish. Hearing this, the mother was shocked because her husband had broken their oath earlier. Following that, the mother decided to go back to its natural. Then suddenly the sky became dark and the rain dropped lightning hit then by a rapid. The father became sad and really sorry for his actions.

But rice became porridge. He may never to reunite with his wife and son and he loved it. The former land footing his wife and son, suddenly there was a spring gush. The water is getting bigger and bigger. Long into the lake. The lake is then we know up to now as Lake Toba. That is the brief story of how a Lake Toba. Beautiful Lake Toba, the only island on the island in the Indonesian state and north of Sumatra.